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ORS 178.205
Powers and duties of Oregon Retirement Savings Board

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The Oregon Retirement Savings Board shall develop a defined contribution retirement plan for persons employed for compensation in this state and conduct a market and legal analysis of the plan.


The board shall have the following powers:


To establish, implement and maintain the plan developed under this section.


To adopt rules for the general administration of the plan as provided in ORS 178.215 (Rules for Oregon Retirement Savings Plan).


To direct the investment of the funds contributed to accounts in the plan consistent with the investment restrictions established by the board. The investment restrictions must be consistent with the objectives of the plan, and the board shall exercise the judgment and care then prevailing that persons of prudence, discretion and intelligence exercise in the management of their own affairs with due regard to the probable income and level of risk from certain types of investments of money, in accordance with the policies established by the board.


To collect application, account or administrative fees to defray the costs of administering the plan.


To make and enter into contracts, agreements or arrangements, and to retain, employ and contract for any of the following considered necessary or desirable, for carrying out the purposes set forth in ORS 178.200 (Oregon Retirement Savings Board) to 178.260 (Final orders relating to compliance):


Services of private and public financial institutions, depositories, consultants, investment advisers, investment administrators and third-party plan administrators.


Research, technical and other services.


Services of other state agencies to assist the board in its duties.


To evaluate the need for, and procure as needed, pooled private insurance of the plan.


To develop and implement an outreach plan to gain input and disseminate information regarding the plan and retirement savings in general.


To request that the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries investigate an employer under ORS 178.255 (Investigation by Commissioner of Bureau of Labor and Industries) to determine the employer’s compliance with the requirements of the defined contribution retirement plan developed under this section, if, after three attempts, using different means of communication when available, to bring the employer into compliance, the board has reasonable grounds to believe that the employer remains in violation of the requirements of the plan.


To enter into agreements with other states to provide services to the other states related to retirement savings plans administered by the other states and similar to the plan developed under this section. [2015 c.557 §2; 2019 c.149 §6; 2019 c.512 §1]


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