State Administrative Agencies

ORS 182.472

Not later than April 1 of each even-numbered year, each board subject to ORS 182.456 (Definitions for ORS 182.456 to 182.472) to 182.472 (Reports) shall submit a report to the Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Legislative Fiscal Officer. The Legislative Fiscal Officer shall review the reports and shall prepare and submit a statement of findings and conclusions to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee and the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. The report must include the following:


A copy of the most recent audit or financial review of the board.


A copy of the actual budget for the prior biennium and a copy of the board’s adopted budget for the biennium in which the report is made. The budget documents must show:


The beginning balance and ending balance for each of the two biennia;


A description of material changes between the two biennia;


A description of the public hearing process used to establish the budget adopted for the current biennium; and


A description of current fees and proposed changes to fees, along with information supporting the amounts of the current fees and any proposed changes to the fees.


A description of all temporary and permanent rules adopted by the board during the prior biennium.


A description of board actions promoting consumer protection that were taken during the prior biennium.


If the board issues licenses, a description of the board’s licensing activities performed during the prior biennium that is adequate to allow evaluation of the board’s performance of its licensing responsibilities, including:


The number of license applications;


The number of licenses issued;


The number of examinations conducted;


The average time between application for and issuance of licenses;


The number and types of complaints received about persons holding licenses;


The number and types of investigations conducted;


The number and types of resolutions of complaints;


The number and type of sanctions imposed; and


The number of days between beginning an investigation and reaching a resolution.


A description of all other actions taken during the prior biennium in the performance of the board’s statutory responsibilities that is adequate to allow evaluation of the board’s performance. [1999 c.1084 §11; 2005 c.109 §1; 2007 c.218 §2; 2010 c.107 §2]
Note: See note under 182.454 (Semi-independent state agencies).


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