ORS 185.330

In carrying out the duties of ORS 185.310 (Policy) to 185.330 (Duties), the Commission on Hispanic Affairs shall:


Monitor existing programs and legislation designed to meet the needs of the Hispanic population.


Identify and research problem areas and issues affecting the Hispanic community and recommend actions to the Governor and the Legislative Assembly, including recommendations on legislative programs.


Maintain a liaison between the Hispanic community and government entities.


Assist the Governor on the Governor’s equity-focused initiatives with policy advice, the study of long-standing community issues and the provision of community input, a community voice and leadership, as requested.


Encourage Hispanic representation on state boards and commissions.


Meet at least annually in a joint meeting of the Commission on Hispanic Affairs, the Commission on Black Affairs, the Commission for Women and the Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs to consider and act upon issues of mutual importance to the missions and statutory duties of the commissions. [1983 c.132 §3; 2013 c.353 §1; 2021 c.290 §3]
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