ORS 19.340
Waiver of supersedeas undertaking

  • sale of perishables


The trial court, in its discretion, may stay a judgment without requiring a supersedeas undertaking, or reduce the amount of the supersedeas undertaking required of the appellant, if the appellant is an executor, administrator, trustee or other person acting on behalf of another.


If a judgment that has been stayed requires the sale of perishable property, or if perishable property has been seized to satisfy or secure a judgment that has been stayed, the trial court may order that perishable property be sold and the proceeds of the sale deposited or invested until issuance of the appellate judgment terminating the appeal. [1997 c.71 §7]
Chapter 19

Notes of Decisions

This chapter does not apply to workers' compensation proceedings since it governs appellate review of lower court decisions and not decisions of administrative tribunals. SAIF v. Maddox, 60 Or App 507, 655 P2d 214 (1982), aff'd 295 Or 448, 667 P2d 529 (1983)


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