County Surveyors

ORS 209.300
Abandonment of railroad line

  • notice to county surveyor
  • request for copies of plats

When a railroad gives notice of its intention to abandon a railroad line within this state, the Department of Transportation shall provide a copy of the notice to the county surveyor of each county in which the line to be abandoned is located. Upon written request from a county surveyor so notified, the railroad shall provide the county surveyor with a reproducible copy of the right of way plats for the line to be abandoned. The copy of the right of way plats shall be provided prior to abandonment at no cost to the county surveyor, and shall show the center line of trackage as originally constructed and currently existing, together with ties to monumented public land survey corners, as shown by the right of way plats. [1985 c.220 §2; 1989 c.394 §16; 1995 c.733 §43]


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