Administration of Election Laws

ORS 246.160
Compilations and digests of election laws

  • distribution of supplies and materials to county clerks and others

The Secretary of State shall:


Prepare and print, in appropriate and convenient form, periodic compilations and digests of the state election statutes.


Distribute in appropriate quantities to the county clerks for use by the county clerks copies of the compilations and digests and any supplies and materials necessary to the conduct of elections as the Secretary of State considers appropriate.


Make the compilations and digests available for distribution, free or at cost, to interested persons. [1957 c.608 §125; 1963 c.455 §1; part renumbered 246.170 (Deposit of moneys received under ORS 246.160 in Secretary of State Miscellaneous Receipts Account); 1979 c.190 §9; 1991 c.719 §46; 2007 c.154 §3]


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