Political Parties

ORS 248.043
Procedure if meeting not called

  • filling vacancies when no precinct committeeperson elected
  • term of appointee
  • notice to county clerk

If a newly elected county central committee fails to meet or to organize or if no person within a county is elected by a major political party as a precinct committeeperson, the chairperson of the retiring state central committee shall appoint a temporary chairperson of the county central committee. The temporary chairperson shall call an organizational meeting and organize the committee as provided by applicable provisions of ORS 248.033 (Organizational meeting) and 248.035 (Transfer of property). A temporary chairperson appointed when no precinct committeeperson is elected may appoint members to fill the vacancies in the office of precinct committeeperson for the precinct in which the persons are registered. A person so appointed may be removed from office at the pleasure of the central committee, but otherwise shall hold the office of precinct committeeperson for the unexpired term and shall have the powers, duties and privileges of a precinct committeeperson. When a person is appointed to the office of precinct committeeperson pursuant to this subsection, the temporary chairperson shall notify, in writing, the county elections official of the appointment. The county elections official shall place the name of the person appointed on the list of precinct committeepersons. [1965 c.407 §9(5),(6); 1979 c.190 §82; 2019 c.675 §25]
Chapter 248

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Personal liability of officers, employes and delegates or precinct committee members of political party's state or county central committee, for committee obligations, (1979) Vol 39, p 759; constitutionality of statutes governing county and state central committees of major political parties, (1981) Vol 42, p 93


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