Political Parties

ORS 248.315
Selection of delegates to national convention


After a presidential preference primary election, each major political party whose national affiliate holds a convention to select its nominee for President of the United States shall select delegates to the national convention of that party.


Delegates to the national convention of a party shall be selected in the manner provided by party rules, which shall provide all electors registered as members of the party equal opportunity to participate in the selection of delegates.


Delegates to the national convention of the party shall be selected so that the number of delegates who favor a certain candidate shall represent the proportion of votes received by the candidate in relation to the other candidates of that party at the presidential preference primary election. Each person selected as a delegate shall sign a pledge that the person will continue to support at the national convention the candidate for President of the United States the person is selected as favoring until:


The candidate is nominated at the convention;


The candidate receives less than 35 percent of the votes for nomination at the convention;


The candidate releases the delegate from the pledge; or


Two convention nominating ballots have been taken. [1975 c.779 §15; 1979 c.190 §88; 1979 c.748 §1; 1987 c.267 §15; 1993 c.797 §28]
Chapter 248

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Personal liability of officers, employes and delegates or precinct committee members of political party's state or county central committee, for committee obligations, (1979) Vol 39, p 759; constitutionality of statutes governing county and state central committees of major political parties, (1981) Vol 42, p 93


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