Mass Transit Districts

ORS 267.570
Powers relating to public transportation


For purposes of public transportation, a district may:


Contract with the United States or with any county, city or state, or any of their departments or agencies, for the construction, preservation, improvement, operation or maintenance of any system.


Build, construct, purchase, improve, operate and maintain, subject to other applicable provisions of law, all improvements, facilities or equipment necessary or desirable for the system of the district.


Enter into contracts and employ agents, engineers, attorneys and other persons and fix their compensation.


Fix and collect charges for the use of the system.


Construct, acquire, maintain and operate passenger terminal facilities and motor vehicle parking facilities in connection with the system within or outside the district.


Use a public thoroughfare in a manner mutually agreed to by the governing bodies of the district and of the thoroughfare or, if they cannot so agree upon how the district may use the thoroughfare, in a manner determined by an arbitrator appointed by the Governor.


Do such other acts or things as may be necessary or convenient for the proper exercise of the powers granted to a district by ORS 267.510 (Definitions for ORS 267.510 to 267.650) to 267.650 (Finance elections).


A district shall be entitled to tax refunds under ORS 319.831 (Refund of tax on fuel used in operation of vehicle over certain roads or private property), as if the district were a city. [1974 c.9 §10; 1979 c.344 §2]
§§ 267.510 to 267.650

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Provision of charter bus service beyond boundaries of district, (1978) Vol 38, p 2157


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