Public Facilities

ORS 276.095
Use of buildings by state and public

With respect to operating, maintaining, altering and otherwise managing or acquiring space to meet the office needs of state government and to accomplish the purposes of ORS 276.094 (Public policy for state buildings), the Director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services may:


Acquire or lease and utilize space in suitable buildings of historical, architectural or cultural significance, unless use of such space would not prove feasible and prudent compared with available alternatives, taking into consideration the purposes of ORS 276.093 (Definitions for ORS 276.093 to 276.098 and 276.440) to 276.098 (Standards for development of state buildings and grounds) and 276.440 (Renting space to public agencies and private citizens);


Provide and maintain space, facilities and activities to the extent practicable that encourage public access to and stimulate public pedestrian traffic around, into and through state buildings, permitting cooperative improvements to and uses of the area between the building and the street, thereby complementing and supplementing commercial, cultural, educational and recreational resources in the neighborhood of state buildings;


Encourage the location of compatible commercial, cultural, educational and recreational facilities and activities within or near state buildings; and


Encourage multipurpose public use of state buildings for the benefit of children and community activities, including commercial, cultural, educational and recreational use of such buildings, providing such use would not be disruptive to state government. [1977 c.599 §3; 1999 c.387 §1; 2019 c.278 §7]
Note: See note under 276.093 (Definitions for ORS 276.093 to 276.098 and 276.440).


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