Public Facilities

ORS 276.227
Statewide planning process

  • public review process for capital projects
  • advisory board
  • state property database
  • maintenance plans


The State of Oregon recognizes that providing and operating state government facilities is a significant capital investment in public infrastructure. Accordingly, it is the policy of the State of Oregon to plan, finance, acquire, construct, manage and maintain state government facilities in a manner that maximizes and protects this investment.


The Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall establish a statewide planning process that evaluates the needs of the state’s facilities, provides comparative information on the condition of the state’s facilities, establishes guidelines and standards for acquiring, managing and maintaining state facilities and provides financing and budgeting strategies to allocate resources to facilities’ needs.


(a) The Director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall establish a public review process for the proposed capital projects of all state agencies. To assist in this review, the director shall establish a Capital Projects Advisory Board consisting of seven members. Five members shall be public members knowledgeable about construction, facilities management and maintenance issues. Two members may be state employees. The director shall appoint the chairperson of the board.


The director, in consultation with the board, may request that agencies submit updated long-range facility plans and funding strategies that reflect changes in technology and priorities. The director may ask the board to report on and make recommendations related to long-range plans, the condition of facilities, maintenance schedules, funding strategies and options for new facilities. The director may seek recommendations from the board regarding the needs of existing facilities, funding strategies and long-term facility goals.


The review process may be applicable to capital projects meeting the definition of major construction/acquisition in the Governor’s budget and to significant leases.


For each state agency proposing a capital project, the review process may include an examination of the following:


The effectiveness of asset protection, including maintenance, repair and other activities;


The effectiveness of space utilization, including an inventory of existing occupied and unoccupied building space;


The advisability of lease, purchase or other funding strategies;


The condition of existing occupied and unoccupied building space;


Appropriate technology;


The agency’s mission and long-range facilities plans; and


For new facilities, expansions and additions, the ability of the agency to maintain and operate all of the agency’s facilities in a cost-effective manner.


The review process shall ensure that capital project decisions are approached in a cost-effective manner after considering all reasonable alternatives.


With assistance from the board, the department shall provide recommendations and information to the Governor and the Legislative Assembly on the construction, leasing and facilities management issues of state government.


The department shall establish and maintain a central database of information on state-owned property of all state agencies, including land, buildings, infrastructure, improvements and leases. This database shall include an inventory of state-owned facilities as well as descriptive and technical information.


State agencies shall establish and implement long-range maintenance and management plans for facilities for which this state is responsible to ensure that facilities are maintained in good repair and that the useful lives of facilities are maximized. For each new facility, a maintenance and management plan appropriate to the use and useful life of the facility shall be developed and implemented.


The department may engage in cooperative projects with local government.


The provisions of this section do not apply to public universities listed in ORS 352.002 (Public universities), the Oregon Health and Science University or a community college as defined in ORS 341.005 (Definitions for chapter). [1993 c.724 §17; 1997 c.571 §1; 2011 c.637 §85]
Note: 276.227 (Statewide planning process) was added to and made a part of ORS chapter 276 by legislative action but was not added to any smaller series therein. See Preface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation.


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