ORS 279.840

The purpose of ORS 279.835 (Definitions for ORS 279.835 to 279.855) to 279.855 (Entities that may obtain goods and services through Oregon Department of Administrative Services), 279A.025 (Application of Public Contracting Code) (4) and 279C.335 (Competitive bidding requirement) is to further the policy of this state to encourage and assist individuals with disabilities to achieve maximum personal independence within their communities through productive gainful employment by assuring an expanded and constant market for products and services produced by qualified nonprofit agencies for individuals with disabilities, thereby enhancing their dignity and capacity for self-support. [1977 c.304 §2; 1989 c.224 §43; 2003 c.794 §229c; 2007 c.70 §63; 2019 c.371 §5]
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