Public Contracting - Miscellaneous Provisions

ORS 279.855
Entities that may obtain goods and services through Oregon Department of Administrative Services

The following may purchase equipment, materials, supplies and services through the Oregon Department of Administrative Services in the same manner as state agencies as provided in ORS 279A.140 (State procurement of goods and services) to 279A.161 (Review and verification of advice and recommendations concerning procurements) and 279A.250 (Definitions for ORS 279A.250 to 279A.290) to 279A.290 (Miscellaneous receipts accounts):


Qualified nonprofit agencies for individuals with disabilities participating in the program set forth in ORS 279.835 (Definitions for ORS 279.835 to 279.855) to 279.855 (Entities that may obtain goods and services through Oregon Department of Administrative Services), 279A.025 (Application of Public Contracting Code) (4) and 279C.335 (Competitive bidding).


Residential programs when under contract with the Department of Human Services to provide services to youth in the custody of the state.


Public benefit corporations, as defined in ORS 65.001 (Definitions), that provide public services either under contract with a state agency, as defined in ORS 171.133 (Approval of Governor required for state agency measure introduction), or under contract with a unit of local government, as defined in ORS 190.003 (Definition for ORS 190.003 to 190.130), that funds the contract, in whole or in part, with state funds. [1977 c.304 §7; 1989 c.224 §46; 1991 c.419 §1; 2001 c.900 §51; 2003 c.794 §229f; 2007 c.70 §66]
Chapter 279

Notes of Decisions

Political subdivisions subject to provisions of this [former] chapter are not required to comply with it before entering into contracts for supplies or services of public utilities whose rates are regulated by Motor Carriers Law, [former] ORS chapter 767. Bower Trucking and Whse. Co. v. Multnomah Cty., 35 Or App 427, 582 P2d 439 (1978)

Where state agency's objective in contracting for production of documentary films on construction of highway bridge was to obtain films for its own use, contract was not within statutory exceptions and was subject to competitive bidding procedures of this [former] chapter. Photo-Art Commercial Studios v. Hunter, 42 Or App 207, 600 P2d 471 (1979)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Validity of 10-hour day, 40-hour week without overtime in public employment, (1972) Vol 35, p 1083; application of bidding requirements to sale of residence constructed by vocational education department, (1977) Vol 38, p 1090; incorporation of energy efficiency standards of Federal Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 into state and local government purchasing specifications, (1978) Vol 39, p 35


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