Public Contracting - General Provisions

ORS 279A.290
Miscellaneous receipts accounts


The State Treasurer may establish a miscellaneous receipts account for any state agency and shall credit to the account any amounts paid into the State Treasury under ORS 190.240 (Furnishing of services by state agency to federal and local governmental units) (1), 279A.280 (Disposal of surplus property), 279A.285 (Disposition of moneys received as payment for repair or replacement of damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen property), 283.110 (Furnishing by state agency to another state agency of services, facilities and materials) or 357.885 (Fees of State Archivist) for the state agency for which the account was established. The moneys credited to the miscellaneous receipts account of a state agency established under this section are appropriated continuously for the payment of the expenses of the state agency, subject to the allotment system provided by ORS 291.234 (Department to make allotments to state officers and agencies of appropriations and funds) to 291.260 (Approving, modifying or disapproving requests and budgets to be submitted to the federal government).


Laws enacted by the Legislative Assembly limiting expenditures do not limit expenditures from miscellaneous receipts accounts established under this section except when the law limiting expenditures of a state agency specifically establishes a limit for expenditures from the miscellaneous receipts account of the agency. [2003 c.794 §44; 2003 c.794 §44a]


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