ORS 291.260
Approving, modifying or disapproving requests and budgets to be submitted to the federal government


At the request of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, before a state agency makes requests or prepares budgets to be submitted to the federal government for funds, equipment, material or services, other than for highway purposes, the agency shall submit the request or budget to the department.


The department may approve, disapprove, modify or amend the request or budget before it is submitted to the proper federal authority.


The requirements of this section are in addition to the requirements of ORS 291.375 (Legislative review of applications for federal financial assistance) and 293.550 (Receipt and disposition generally of federal aid moneys). [Amended by 2016 c.117 §27]
§§ 291.232 to 291.260

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Oregon Department of Administrative Services allotments to state agencies for payments based on government regulations restricting use of property, (2001) Vol 49, p 284


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