Public Contracting - Public Improvements and Related Contracts

ORS 279C.320
Contracts for construction other than public improvements


Contracting agencies shall enter into contracts for emergency work, minor alteration, ordinary repair or maintenance of public improvements, as well as any other construction contract that is not defined as a public improvement under ORS 279A.010 (Definitions for Public Contracting Code), in accordance with the provisions of ORS chapter 279B. Contracts for emergency work are regulated under ORS 279B.080 (Emergency procurements).


Nothing in this section relieves contracting agencies or contractors of any other relevant requirements under this chapter, including payment of prevailing wage rates when applicable.


When construction services are not considered to be a public improvement under this chapter because no funds of a public agency are directly or indirectly used, except for participation that is incidental or related primarily to project design or inspection, the benefiting public body may nonetheless condition acceptance of the services on receipt of such protections as the public body considers to be in the public interest, including a performance bond, a payment bond and appropriate insurance. [2003 c.794 §101; 2007 c.764 §13]


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