Public Contracting - Public Procurements

ORS 279B.080
Emergency procurements


The head of a contracting agency, or a person designated under ORS 279A.075 (Delegation), may make or authorize others to make emergency procurements of goods or services in an emergency. The contracting agency shall document the nature of the emergency and describe the method used for the selection of the particular contractor.


For an emergency procurement of construction services that are not public improvements, the contracting agency shall ensure competition for a contract for the emergency work that is reasonable and appropriate under the emergency circumstances. In conducting the procurement, the contracting agency shall set a solicitation time period that the contracting agency determines to be reasonable under the emergency circumstances and may issue written or oral requests for offers or make direct appointments without competition in cases of extreme necessity. [2003 c.794 §56; 2007 c.764 §6a]


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