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ORS 293.462
Payment of overdue account charges

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It is the policy of the State of Oregon to pay any overdue account charges incurred by state agencies which do not promptly pay for goods and services provided by private businesses.


The overdue account charges to be paid under this section shall be the same as the usual overdue account charges to the general clientele of the vendor.


Moneys appropriated from the General Fund to an agency or the establishment of maximum limits for expenditures of an agency authorized to procure goods or services from private businesses shall be used to pay overdue account charges incidental to procurement of the goods or services at the rate of two-thirds of one percent per month, but not more than eight percent per annum on overdue claims.


Overdue claims shall be those that have not been paid within 45 days from the latest of the following dates: The date of the receipt of the invoice, the date of the initial billing statement if no invoice is received, or the date the claim is made certain by agreement of the parties or by operation of law. However, overdue account charges shall not accrue on any purchases made by any state agency during time of civil emergency or in the event of a natural disaster which prevents the timely payment of accounts. In such instances accounts shall be paid in as timely a manner as possible.


Where claims have been paid, the date of the check or warrant in payment of the claims shall be used to determine if the claim has been paid in a timely manner. It shall be rebuttably presumed that the check or warrant was correctly dated.


Moneys for payment of overdue account charges shall not be provided in any agency request budget, but agencies may make special requests to provide moneys for such charges, separately from other budget requests in accordance with rules adopted by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.


In the event overdue account charges cannot lawfully be paid from federal funds, then such charges shall be paid from any moneys available to the agency for payment of administrative expenses. If other moneys are not available to pay overdue account charges, the agency shall submit to the Legislative Assembly during a legislative session or to the Emergency Board during the interim between legislative sessions a request for moneys to pay these charges. [1979 c.406 §2; 2016 c.117 §52]
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