Personal and Corporate Income or Excise Tax Credits

ORS 315.619
Credit for medical staff at type C hospital

A member of the medical staff of a type C hospital who meets the requirements of ORS 315.616 (Additional providers who may qualify for credit) (1) and (2)(a) is entitled to the tax credit described in ORS 315.613 (Credit available to persons providing rural medical care and affiliated with certain rural hospitals) if:


The hospital is isolated due to geographic conditions, complies with rules relating to emergency response and is subject to such other special factors as the Office of Rural Health may prescribe; and


The hospital is designated by the Office of Rural Health as being subject to particular problems in recruiting and retaining medical staff and is located in an area that is medically underserved. [Formerly 316.146]
Chapter 315

Notes of Decisions

State could not recalculate tax for tax year closed to review in order to prevent elective carry forward of tax credit to tax year subject to review. Smurfit Newsprint Corp. v. Dept. of Revenue, 329 Or 591, 997 P2d 185 (2000)


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