Miscellaneous Taxes

ORS 320.179
School district resolutions

  • collections
  • requirements


A school district imposing a construction tax shall impose the tax by a resolution adopted by the district board of the school district. The resolution shall state the rates of tax, subject to ORS 320.176 (Limitations).


Prior to collecting a construction tax, a school district shall enter into an intergovernmental agreement with each local government, local service district, special government body, state agency or state official collecting the tax that includes:


Collection duties and responsibilities;


The specific school district accounts into which construction tax revenues are to be deposited and the frequency of such deposits; and


The amount of the administrative fee that the entity or official collecting the tax may use to recoup expenses incurred in collecting the construction tax, either through retention or reimbursement. An administrative fee under this paragraph may not exceed four percent of tax revenues. [2007 c.829 §5; 2009 c.534 §§3,4]


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