Local Financing of Education

ORS 328.460
Cancellation of school warrants not presented for payment within seven years


At the last regular district school board meeting preceding July 1 in each year, the district clerk shall certify to the board a list of all school district warrants which were called for payment more than seven years prior to July 1 next following the meeting, and which have not been paid. The certification shall state the amount of each of such warrants, to whom issued, and date of issuance. The district school board shall cause notice to be published. Publication shall be in some newspaper published in the district and having a general circulation therein, or if no newspaper is published in the district, then in some paper published in the county in which the school district is located having a general circulation in the district. The notice shall contain a statement that if such warrants are not presented for payment within 60 days from July 1, they will be canceled, and payment thereof will be refused.


At the first regular meeting of the district school board in each school district after the expiration of 60 days from July 1 in each year, the board shall make an order that all such warrants which have not been so presented for payment, describing them, shall be canceled. The board shall cancel all such warrants which were called for payment more than seven years prior to July 1 of that year.


This section shall not prohibit the district school board, in its discretion, from paying, upon any claim arising from the canceling of any such warrant, the principal of the warrant when presented without interest if not indorsed for want of funds and, if indorsed for want of funds, with interest to the date such warrant was called. [Amended by 1965 c.100 §69]


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