Local Financing of Education

ORS 328.570
Division of district into tax zones


The district board of a school district may divide the district into tax zones for the purpose of imposing and levying ad valorem property taxes at different rates and amounts on the assessed value of all taxable property in each zone if the school district:


Supplies a portion of kindergarten through grade 12 education in certain areas of the school district; and


Supplies all of kindergarten through grade 12 education in the remainder of the school district.


The establishment and boundaries of tax zones within a district must be based upon and reflect qualitative differences in the levels of service provided by the district.


When a district board decides to divide the district into zones under subsection (1) of this section, the board shall conduct a public hearing on the formation of the proposed zones. The hearing shall be held after notice to the public is published as provided in ORS 328.573 (Notice of public hearing on tax zones). [2001 c.246 §2]


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