Career Schools

ORS 345.020
Duty and powers of Higher Education Coordinating Commission

  • rules


The Higher Education Coordinating Commission may adopt rules pursuant to ORS chapter 183 for the general governance and operation of career schools. Rules adopted by the commission may be specific to the individual professions for which career schools provide instruction or training.


The commission shall administer ORS 345.010 (Definitions for ORS 345.010 to 345.450 and 345.992 to 345.997) to 345.450 (Annual inspection fee) and 345.992 (Civil penalties) to 345.997 (Civil penalty credited to General Fund) and shall enforce all laws and rules relating to the licensing of career schools and agents.


The commission may establish procedures whereby schools become eligible to participate in federal student assistance programs if approved by the United States Department of Education.


Members and employees of the commission may not have financial interests in any career school and may not act as agents or employees of any career school. [Amended by 1955 c.527 §1; 1961 c.268 §3; 1975 c.478 §4; 1989 c.333 §3; 1995 c.343 §3; 2012 c.104 §23; 2013 c.50 §§1,2]
Chapter 345

Atty. Gen. Opinions

State's authority to regulate and license foreign correspondence schools, (1972) Vol 36, p 271; authority to regulate private degree-granting vocational schools, (1978) Vol 38, p 1765


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