Eminent Domain

ORS 35.220
Precondemnation entry on real property


Subject to the requirements of this section, a condemner may enter upon, examine, survey, conduct tests upon and take samples from any real property that is subject to condemnation by the condemner. A condemner may not enter upon any land under the provisions of this section without first attempting to provide actual notice to the owner or occupant of the property. If the condemner has not provided actual notice, written notice must be posted in a conspicuous place where the notice is most likely to be seen. The posted notice must give the condemner’s name, address and telephone number and the purpose of the entry. A condemner may conduct tests upon or take samples from real property only with the consent of the owner or pursuant to an order entered under subsection (2) of this section. All testing and sampling must be done in conformity with applicable laws and regulations. Testing and sampling results shall be provided to the owner upon request.


If the owner of property objects to examination or survey of the property under this section, or does not consent to the terms and conditions for testing or sampling of the property, the condemner may file a petition with the court seeking an order providing for entry upon the property and allowing such examination, survey, testing or sampling as may be requested by the condemner. The court may enter an order establishing reasonable terms and conditions for entry and for any examination, survey, testing or sampling of the property requested by the condemner. Reasonable compensation for damage or interference under subsection (3) of this section may be established in the proceeding either before or after entry is made upon the property by the condemner.


An owner is entitled to reasonable compensation for:


Any physical damage caused to the property by the entry upon or examination, survey, testing or sampling of the property, including any damage attributable to the diffusion of hazardous substances found on the property; and


Any substantial interference with the property’s possession or use caused by the entry upon or examination, survey, testing or sampling of the property.


If a condemner is required to pay compensation to an owner in a proceeding under subsection (2) of this section, and the condemner thereafter seeks condemnation of the same property, the owner is not entitled to any payment of compensation in the condemnation action that would result in the owner receiving a second recovery for the same damage or interference.


Nothing in this section affects any liability under any other provision of law that a condemner may have to an owner or occupant of property by reason of entry upon or examination, survey, testing or sampling of property. [2003 c.477 §2]
Chapter 35

Notes of Decisions

Replacement value of property should not be considered unless property is unique or unless property taken performs legally necessary function. State Bd. of Higher Educ. v. First Methodist Church, 6 Or App 492, 488 P2d 835 (1971)

Occupation of land by condemner during eminent domain proceedings does not constitute waiver by condemner of its right to abandon such proceedings. Port of Newport v. Haydon, 10 Or App 271, 498 P2d 825 (1972)

Organization of property owners adjoining automobile raceway did not show in challenging city's grant of noise ordinance variance to raceway that it utilized eminent domain procedures established by state law. Citizen's Ass'n. of Portland v. Intern. Raceways, 833 F2d 763 (1987)

Law Review Citations

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