Transportation Financing

ORS 367.808
Evaluation of proposed agreements

  • role of Attorney General


At the request of the Department of Transportation, the Attorney General may appoint special assistant attorneys general for the purpose of evaluating partnership agreements entered into or to be entered into as part of the program established under ORS 367.804 (Goals of Oregon Innovative Partnerships Program). The special assistant attorneys general shall be under the direction and control of the Attorney General and may:


Advise the Department of Transportation concerning the legality of specific proposed partnerships;


Advise the department on legal procedures and practices related to implementation of specific projects that use a partnership;


Assist the department in negotiating partnership agreements;


Assist the department in preparing any document related to a specific partnership;


Advise the department regarding accounting, investment and tax requirements applicable to specific projects that use a partnership; and


Advise the department regarding any relevant federal securities or other laws and related disclosure requirements.


When the Attorney General, as part of the review under ORS 291.047 (Public contract approval by Attorney General), reviews an agreement entered into under ORS 367.806 (Agreements), the Attorney General shall:


Recognize that the agreement is the product of a partnership; and


Defer to the business judgment of the department and the Oregon Transportation Commission concerning the assignment of risks and the incentives provided within the agreement. [2003 c.790 §5]
Note: See note under 367.800 (Findings).


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