Transportation Financing

ORS 367.816
Use of moneys in Oregon Transportation Infrastructure Fund for projects


Notwithstanding ORS 367.020 (Loans and other assistance to public and private entities), the Department of Transportation may use moneys in the Oregon Transportation Infrastructure Fund established by ORS 367.015 (Oregon Transportation Infrastructure Fund) to ensure the repayment of loan guarantees or extensions of credit made to or on behalf of private entities engaged in the planning, acquisition, financing, development, design, construction, reconstruction, replacement, improvement, maintenance, management, repair, leasing or operation of any transportation project that is part of the program established under ORS 367.804 (Goals of Oregon Innovative Partnerships Program).


The lien of a pledge made under this section is subordinate to the lien of a pledge securing bonds payable from moneys in the State Highway Fund described in ORS 366.505 (Composition and use of highway fund), the State Tollway Account established by ORS 383.009 (State Tollway Account) or the State Transportation Enterprise Fund established by ORS 367.810 (State Transportation Enterprise Fund). [2003 c.790 §9]
Note: See note under 367.800 (Findings).


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