ORS 382.415
Paying bond principal and interest with tax or motor license fund


The board of county commissioners shall, at the time of making the annual tax levy upon the previous year’s assessment, levy a tax on all the taxable property in the county sufficient to pay the outstanding bonds at maturity and the interest on all outstanding bonds for the current year. The proceeds derived from the tax shall be used only for the payment of the principal and interest of the bonds. Such proceeds shall be paid by the county treasurer to the bearer of the bonds or sent to the fiscal agency at New York City for the payment of the interest coupons upon presentation, as provided in ORS 382.395 (Terms and conditions of bonds).


The board of county commissioners in its annual budget has the option of providing for the application of all or part of the proceeds of the county motor license fund to all or part of the payments of principal and interest on bridge bonds maturing in the ensuing year. In case this option is exercised and such other provision is made for meeting the debt requirement, in whole or in part, then the tax levy authorized by subsection (1) of this section shall only be for such amount, if any, as may be necessary over and above this other provision of funds.


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