Emergency Management and Services

ORS 401.185
Providing temporary housing during emergency

Whenever the Governor has declared a state of emergency or the President of the United States has declared an emergency or a major disaster to exist in this state, the Governor, with the concurrence of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means or the Emergency Board, if the Legislative Assembly is not in session, is authorized:


To enter into purchase, lease or other arrangements with any agency of the United States for temporary housing units to be occupied by disaster victims and to make the units available to local governments of the state.


To assist any local government of this state which requires temporary housing for disaster victims following the declaration of a state of emergency to acquire and prepare a site to receive and utilize temporary housing units by:


Advancing or lending funds available to the Governor from any appropriation made by the Legislative Assembly or from any other source; and


Passing through funds made available by any public or private agency. [Formerly 401.074]
Chapter 401

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