Juvenile Code: Dependency

ORS 419B.908
Witness fees

  • payment

Witnesses subpoenaed to give testimony shall receive the same fees as are paid in criminal cases. Except as provided by this section, responsibility for the per diem and mileage fees of any witness, and travel expenses if so ordered by the court, shall be borne by the party who subpoenas the witness or requests the court to subpoena the witness. If the witness was subpoenaed by more than one party, the witness shall be paid by the party who first subpoenas the witness. The court may then, thereafter, order that the costs be distributed equally among all parties who subpoenaed the witness and that the original payor of the costs be reimbursed accordingly. When the witness has been subpoenaed on behalf of a party who is represented by appointed counsel, the fees and costs allowed for that witness shall be paid pursuant to ORS 135.055 (Compensation and expenses of appointed counsel). [Formerly 419B.320]


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