Corrections and Crime Control Administration and Programs

ORS 423.540
Program compliance review by Director of Department of Corrections

  • effect of failure to comply

The Director of the Department of Corrections shall biennially review a county’s compliance with the intergovernmental agreement under ORS 423.500 (Definitions for ORS 423.500 to 423.560) to 423.560 (Local public safety coordinating council). A county must substantially comply with the provisions of its community corrections intergovernmental agreement and plan established pursuant to ORS 423.525 (Application for financial aid) (7). If the director determines that there are reasonable grounds to believe that a county is not in substantial compliance with the intergovernmental agreement or plan, the director shall contact the county regarding the alleged noncompliance and offer technical assistance to reach compliance. If the county does not resolve the alleged noncompliance, the director shall, after giving the county not less than 30 days’ notice, conduct a hearing to ascertain whether there is substantial compliance or satisfactory progress being made toward compliance. After technical assistance is provided and the hearing occurs, the director may suspend any portion of the funding made available to the county under ORS 423.500 (Definitions for ORS 423.500 to 423.560) to 423.560 (Local public safety coordinating council) until the required compliance occurs. [1977 c.412 §8; 1979 c.487 §14; 1987 c.320 §225; 1995 c.423 §8; 1997 c.715 §5; 2017 c.302 §1]

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Meaning of moneys "currently" being used by county for existing correctional programs for misdemeanants, (1979) Vol 40, p 75

§§ 423.500 to 423.560

Notes of Decisions

State is not subject to provisions of Public Employees Collective Bargaining Act where making mandatory transfer of state corrections employees to county employment. Federation of Oregon Parole and Probation Officers v. Dept. of Corrections, 322 Or 215, 905 P2d 838 (1995)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

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