Corrections and Crime Control Administration and Programs

ORS 423.565
Additional duties of public safety coordinating council

In addition to the duties assigned to it under ORS 423.560 (Local public safety coordinating council), the local public safety coordinating council convened by the board of commissioners shall, at a minimum:


Develop and recommend to the county board of commissioners the plan for use of state resources to serve the local youth offender population.


Coordinate local juvenile justice policy among affected juvenile justice entities.


Develop and recommend to the county board of commissioners a plan designed to prevent criminal involvement by youth. The plan must provide for coordination of community-wide services involving treatment, education, employment and intervention strategies aimed at crime prevention.


Create a facility advisory subcommittee when provided with the information described in ORS 169.690 (Establishment of halfway houses and other facilities). The subcommittee shall be composed of the following persons:


The affected law enforcement officer described in ORS 423.560 (Local public safety coordinating council) (1)(a) or (b);


A district attorney;


A mental health director;


A designee of the city council or county board of commissioners, whichever is affected;


A representative of an organization that advocates on behalf of persons with mental illness; and


A consumer as defined in ORS 430.073 (Consumer Advisory Council).


If a written plan of action has been provided to the council under ORS 165.127 (County metal theft plan of action), annually review the plan and, if appropriate, make written recommendations to the affected district attorney for plan improvements. [1995 c.422 §75; 1995 c.423 §11a; 2009 c.121 §2; 2009 c.811 §12; 2012 c.37 §99]


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