Health Planning

ORS 442.463
Annual utilization report

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Each licensed health facility shall file with the Oregon Health Authority an annual report containing such information related to the facility’s utilization as may be required by the authority, in such form as the authority prescribes by rule.


The annual report shall contain such information as may be required by rule of the authority and must be approved by the authority. [1985 c.747 §§18,19; 1995 c.727 §32; 1997 c.683 §28; 1999 c.581 §8; 2015 c.318 §35]
Chapter 442

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Participation of hospital owners or administrators in joint review of hospital expenses, services, (1978) Vol 38, p 2060; State Health Planning and Development Agency's responsibility to evaluate and act upon nursing home budget and rate increase notifications where positions and funds are deleted from agency's budget, (1979) Vol 40, p 56; health systems agency's failure to review or submit recommendation and findings on application for certificate of need, (1979) Vol 40, p 135


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