ORS 450.130
Sewer service charges; collection and enforcement


The sanitary board may enact ordinances levying sewer service charges within the district, for the purpose of financing the construction, operation and maintenance of the sewage collection and disposal system.


The board may contract with any city or district serving water in such area to collect such service charges with the water bills, and the serving agency may cut off water for nonpayment of such service charges. The board may pay the water serving agency for the reasonable cost of such collection services.


Service charges may also be collected and enforced as provided in ORS 454.225 (Rates and charges). [Amended by 1975 c.247 §1]
§§ 450.005 to 450.303

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Provision of sewer service to property outside boundaries of sanitary districts, (1980) Vol 41, p 183

Chapter 450

Notes of Decisions

Where city with home rule charter enacted ordinance imposing franchise fee on sanitary authority for use of city’s rights-of-way, ordinance operates concurrently with state law and is not preempted. Rogue Valley Sewer Services v. City of Phoenix, 262 Or App 183, 329 P3d 1 (2014), aff’d 357 Or 437, 353 P3d 581 (2015)

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