Hazardous Substances

ORS 453.312
Legislative findings

The Legislative Assembly finds and declares that:


The public’s health and safety may be endangered by a lack of knowledge about hazardous substances located within this state.


Information on the use of hazardous substances in this state should be made readily available to members of the public, allowing them to take measures to protect themselves against dangers posed to health and safety.


Emergency service personnel must know what types and amounts of hazardous substances are present within this state and where they are located in order to properly protect human life and property.


A need exists to coordinate and make available to emergency service personnel information about the nature and amount of hazardous substances in Oregon.


Access by emergency service personnel to information about hazardous substances assures better protection of homes and recreational facilities, increases safety in the place of employment, improves livability and allows more control over emergency situations. [1985 c.726 §3]


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Jun. 26, 2021