Hazardous Substances

ORS 453.402

  • statement
  • schedules
  • uses
  • collection
  • local hazardous substance fees


The State Fire Marshal shall annually send a statement to each person subject to the fee imposed under ORS 453.400 (Possession of hazardous substance), indicating the amount of the fee due. The amount of the fee shall be in accordance with the fee schedules established under subsection (2) of this section.


By rule and after hearing, the State Fire Marshal shall establish three schedules of fees to be submitted annually by each employer returning a hazardous substance survey under ORS 453.317 (Hazardous substance survey), except as otherwise provided in subsection (4) of this section. In each case the fee shall be based upon the aggregate amount of the single largest annual aggregate substance reported that is manufactured, stored or used at the facility. The fee schedule shall be graduated and shall include but need not be limited to categories of fees for minimally hazardous substances, generally hazardous substances and very hazardous substances. In addition, the State Fire Marshal may establish a registration fee to be paid for certain hazardous substances and quantities of hazardous substances in lieu of the fee under the graduated schedule. When the State Fire Marshal assesses a registration fee, no local fee shall be assessed for those substances. The programs to be funded from fees collected under ORS


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