ORS 460.055
Elevator permits

  • examination of applicant for elevator inspector certificate
  • lapse of certificates
  • rules


The Department of Consumer and Business Services shall give its decision within a reasonable time, not exceeding 30 days:


Approving or rejecting plans and pertinent data for proposed elevator installations or alterations submitted for the department’s examination.


Issuing or denying an installation permit.


Issuing or denying a certificate of competency to applicants after examinations for the certificate have been taken.


Issuing or denying operating permits for elevators inspected by a member of the department’s staff of elevator inspectors or by a certified elevator inspector.


Except as provided in subsection (3) of this section operating permits may not be issued or renewed for elevators failing to meet minimum safety standards.


A provisional operating permit may be issued for elevators whose safety standards vary from the minimum safety standards, if in the opinion of the department no immediate hazard to health or safety exists. The department shall issue a provisional operating permit for a specific period of time determined by the department at the time the permit is granted. During the life of the provisional operating permit, the elevator must be brought into compliance with the safety standards found at variance at the time of the issuance of the provisional permit.


The department may adopt rules regarding installation permits and operating permits. The rules may include, but need not be limited to, rules for the use of standardized forms and terms and conditions for permit validity.


The department shall issue a certificate of competency as an elevator inspector only to an individual who has passed an examination administered by the department for that purpose and who is employed by the department or is a representative of a casualty insurance company or companies as an elevator inspector. The examination shall:


Include questions, the answers to which are confined to matters that will aid in determining the fitness and competency of the applicant for the intended service.


Include a practical demonstration of manipulative skill directly related to the intended service, or the requirement of previous related experience in lieu of a practical demonstration.


Be maintained on file with the records of practical demonstrations for no less than three years and shall be produced by the department upon the request of any court, or the Electrical and Elevator Board, or a person with a legitimate interest.


If for a period of more than two years after the person is issued a certificate of competency as an elevator inspector, a holder of the certificate is not employed as an elevator inspector, the person is not entitled to renewal of the certificate. The person may qualify for issuance of a new certificate in the manner provided for in subsection (5) of this section. [1961 c.427 §6; 1963 c.330 §3; 1973 c.528 §7; 2009 c.696 §5]

Source: Section 460.055 — Elevator permits; examination of applicant for elevator inspector certificate; lapse of certificates; rules, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors460.­html.

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