ORS 460.125
Periodic inspection of elevators and permits

  • action upon finding noncompliance


The Department of Consumer and Business Services shall:


Except as provided in this subsection, periodically inspect each elevator to ascertain if the elevator is being operated and maintained in accordance with ORS 460.005 (Definitions for ORS 460.005 to 460.175) to 460.175 (Disposition of fees). The department is not required to inspect an elevator if the department is notified in writing, by the employer of a certified elevator inspector, that inspection will be made by the certified inspector and a copy of the inspection report is filed with the department within 30 days of the date the elevator is due for inspection.


Periodically check the authenticity, appropriateness and expiration date of elevator operating permits.


Review with the Electrical and Elevator Board any appeals from the decisions of the inspectors.


To the extent necessary to ensure safety, perform inspections and witness safety tests of new or altered elevators before the elevators are placed in service.


Inspection reports provided to owners, users or other affected parties shall contain a notification of the right of appeal as provided in ORS 460.155 (Appeals from adverse rulings of department).


If the department finds that an elevator is not being operated in compliance with ORS 460.005 (Definitions for ORS 460.005 to 460.175) to 460.175 (Disposition of fees), and the rules adopted under ORS 460.005 (Definitions for ORS 460.005 to 460.175) to 460.175 (Disposition of fees), the department may cause the elevator to be disconnected from the source of power for the elevator. The department shall give reasonable notice to the owner or operator prior to causing the elevator to be disconnected unless continued operation of the elevator would constitute an immediate hazard to the health and safety of persons. [1961 c.427 §16; 1963 c.330 §8; 1973 c.528 §12; 2005 c.616 §6; 2009 c.696 §9]


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