Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials II

ORS 466.115
Required application information

Permit applications submitted to the Department of Environmental Quality for managing, operating, constructing, developing or establishing a hazardous waste disposal site must contain the following:


The management program for the operation of the site, including the person to be responsible for the operation of the site and a resume of the qualifications of the person, the proposed method of disposal, the proposed method of pretreatment or decontamination upon the site, if any, and the proposed emergency measures to be provided at such site.


A description of the size and type of facilities to be constructed upon the site, including the height and type of fencing to be used, the size and construction of structures or buildings, warning signs, notices and alarms to be used, the type of drainage and waste treatment facilities and maximum capacity of such facilities, the location and source of each water supply to be used and the location and the type of fire control facilities to be provided at such site.


A preliminary engineering sketch and flow chart showing proposed plans and specifications for the construction and development of the site and the waste treatment and water supply facilities, if any, to be used at such site.


The exact location and place where the applicant proposes to operate and maintain the site, including the legal description of the lands included within such site.


A preliminary geologist’s survey report indicating land formation, location of water resources and direction of the flows thereof and the opinion of the geologist relating to possible sources of contamination of such water resources.


The names and addresses of the applicant’s current or proposed insurance carriers, including copies of insurance policies then in effect. [Formerly 459.540; 1987 c.540 §23]
Chapter 466

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