ORS 478.308
Contracting with others for regional oil and hazardous material emergency response team


Any district may contract with another rural fire protection district, city or county to establish, operate and maintain a regional oil and hazardous material emergency response team. The contracting parties may provide for a joint board of control, composed of representatives of the contracting parties, to control the operation of the regional emergency response team.


A rural fire protection district may receive a grant under section 42, chapter 539, Oregon Laws 1987.


Any district whose boundary coincides with the boundary of this state may contract with a public agency or person in an adjoining state for the purpose of responding to spills or releases of oil and hazardous material.


As used in this section, “hazardous material,” “oil,” “person” and “spill or release” have the meaning established in ORS 466.605 (Definitions for ORS 466.605 to 466.680). [1987 c.539 §44]

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