Rural Fire Protection Districts

ORS 478.920
Scope of fire prevention code

The fire prevention code may provide reasonable regulations relating to:


Prevention and suppression of fires.


Mobile fire apparatus means of approach to buildings and structures.


Providing fire-fighting water supplies and fire detection and suppression apparatus adequate for the protection of buildings and structures.


Storage and use of combustibles and explosives.


Construction, maintenance and regulation of fire escapes.


Means and adequacy of exit in case of fires and the regulation and maintenance of fire and life safety features in factories, asylums, hospitals, churches, schools, halls, theaters, amphitheaters, all buildings, except private residences, which are occupied for sleeping purposes, and all other places where large numbers of persons work, live or congregate from time to time for any purpose.


Requiring the issuance of permits by the fire chief of the district before burning trash or waste materials.


Providing for the inspection of premises by officers designated by the board of directors, and requiring the removal of fire hazards found on premises at such inspections. [Amended by 1969 c.667 §55; 1977 c.292 §1]

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Chapter 478

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