Withdrawal of Certain Waters From Appropriation

ORS 538.190
Lake of the Woods and tributaries, Klamath County

  • diversion, interruption or appropriation of waters prohibited
  • excepted uses

In order to maintain, increase and perpetuate game fish and game fish propagation within Oregon, the waters or use of the waters of Lake of the Woods and its tributaries, situated in Klamath County, not already appropriated, shall not be diverted, interrupted or appropriated for any purpose whatsoever, except for domestic use on contiguous and surrounding land.
§§ 538.010 to 538.300

Law Review Citations

21 EL 12 (1991); 28 WLR 285 (1992)

Chapter 538

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Reservation to state of "all coal and other minerals" in deed of land by state as reservation of geothermal resources, (1980) Vol 41, p 298


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