Withdrawal of Certain Waters From Appropriation

ORS 538.420
Portland’s right to waters of Bull Run and Little Sandy Rivers

  • vested rights not impaired
  • applicability of law


Exclusive right to the use of waters of Bull Run and Little Sandy Rivers is granted to the City of Portland. However, the Water Rights Act (as defined in ORS 537.010 (Definition of “Water Rights Act”)) shall not impair the rights of any person who, on February 24, 1909, had any vested right to or valid appropriation or bona fide notice of appropriation of the waters of either Bull Run River or Little Sandy River, under laws theretofore in effect or under any valid contract or deed of conveyance theretofore made with or by the City of Portland.


ORS 541.010 (Furnishing of water for certain purposes declared to be a public use) to 541.080 (Suits involving water rights) shall not apply to Bull Run Creek or River.

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