ORS 543.530
Issuance by licensee of stocks, bonds or other interest without authorization of Water Resources Commission prohibited


No licensee shall issue any share of corporate stock, or any bond, or other evidence of interest in or indebtedness of the licensee, or assume any obligation or liability as lessor, lessee, guarantor, indorser, surety or otherwise, in respect of the corporate shares, bonds or other evidence of indebtedness of any person in connection with the financing, acquisition, construction, maintenance or operation of any project, unless and until, and then only to the extent that, upon application by the licensee, and after investigation by the Water Resources Commission of the purposes and uses of the proposed issue and the proceeds thereof, or of the proposed assumption of obligation or liability, the commission, by order, authorizes the issue or assumption. The commission shall make the order only if the commission finds that the issue or assumption:


Is for some lawful object of the licensee, compatible with the public interest, and is necessary to, or appropriate for, the proper performance by the licensee of the terms and conditions of the license and will not impair the licensee’s ability to perform the terms and conditions; and


Is reasonably necessary and appropriate for such purposes.


The commission may grant or deny the application to authorize the issue or assumption, or grant the same in part and deny in part, and may modify the provisions of any previous order and prescribe such terms and conditions as the commission considers necessary or appropriate in the premises. Every such application shall be made in such form and contain such data as the commission by rule may prescribe.


No licensee or any director, officer, attorney or agent thereof shall knowingly assent to or concur in any issue or assumption contrary to the provisions of this section, or the orders of the commission made pursuant to this section or ORS 543.540 (Consideration for bonds, stocks and other securities). [Amended by 1953 c.271 §1; 1985 c.673 §159]
§§ 543.010 to 543.620

Notes of Decisions

Water control district, in applying for water appropriation permit for hydroelectric project, was exempt from licensing provisions of these sections and needed only to comply with requirements of ORS chapter 537. Steamboaters v. Winchester Water Control Dist., 69 Or App 596, 688 P2d 92 (1984), Sup Ct review denied

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Chapter 543

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