ORS 543.685
District board to require weatherization; Weatherization Fund; purpose


If the board of directors of a district has not adopted an ordinance, resolution or administrative rule requiring the weatherization of the buildings of the district, the district shall deposit 10 percent of any revenues derived from the sale of excess electric energy under ORS 543.660 (Authority of district to enlarge or modify water system and power generating facilities) with the officer serving as the treasurer of the district to be credited to a special fund designated its Weatherization Fund. Moneys in the fund shall be expended upon written order of the board of directors for the sole purpose of accomplishing weatherization of buildings owned by the district.


As used in this section, “weatherization” means the installation of materials, equipment or fixtures designed primarily to improve the efficiency of space heating and energy utilization of a building. [1981 c.420 §8]
Chapter 543

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