Urban Flood Safety and Water Quality District

ORS 550.150
Purpose of ORS 550

The Legislative Assembly declares the lands protected by the Columbia River levee system in northern Multnomah County to be of statewide and regional significance because they contain significant industrial and economic lands, one of the state’s most important transportation hubs, the Portland International Airport, the second largest source of drinking water in Oregon and a number of important natural assets. This area also represents a significant cultural and community history of flooding, displacement and loss, a history that should be remembered so that it is not repeated. The purpose of ORS 550.150 (Purpose of ORS 550) to 550.400 (Civil liability for remediation costs) is to create a new special district that has the legislative authority and financial capability to carry out the purposes set forth in ORS 550.170 (Urban flood safety and water quality district) (1). [2019 c.621 §1]


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Mar. 11, 2023