ORS 609.190
Subrogation of county paying claim

  • collection by district attorney

In each case where a claim against the Dog License Fund of any county has been paid by the dog control board or county governing body, the county shall be subrogated to all the rights of the livestock owner against the dog owner for damages. The district attorney shall proceed promptly, in a lawful way, to collect for those damages. Any money so collected shall be paid over immediately to the treasurer of the county and credited to the Dog License Fund. [Amended by 1975 c.749 §9; 1977 c.802 §12; 1999 c.756 §24]

Notes of Decisions

Sheep owner who made claim to county dog fund for damages to his sheep caused by dogs and was paid became subrogated to county and could not proceed against dog owner for those claims, but could proceed against dog owner for damages not claimed. Columbia County v. Randall, 49 Or App 643, 620 P2d 937 (1980)

Chapter 609

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Possession and administration of sodium pentobarbital by county animal control program, (1982) Vol 42, p 297


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