ORS 622.180
Powers of department

  • rules
  • inspections
  • samples
  • condemnation

For the protection of the public health, the State Department of Agriculture shall have the following powers and all powers necessary and proper to insure sanitary conditions in the production and distribution of shellfish:


The department shall have power to make rules necessary to enforce the provisions of this chapter. These rules shall at least include the water quality of growing areas, quality of market shellfish, water supply, sewage and waste disposal, drainage, plumbing, building construction, boat and barge sanitation, the handling, storage, construction and maintenance of equipment, lighting and ventilation, insect and rodent control, garbage and refuse disposal, shell disposal, cleanliness of premises, handling, storage and refrigeration of shellfish and the marking of certificate numbers and dating codes on all containers. The department also, by rule, may add to the definition of shellfish, and subject to regulation under ORS 622.010 (Definitions) to 622.180 (Powers of department), any aquatic animals regulated as shellfish under the federal National Shellfish Sanitation Program.


The department shall have power:


To inspect any dealer in every phase and locale of operation.


To take samples of any shellfish for bacteriological and toxicity study.


To condemn or remove from sale and destroy any shellfish which are unfit for human consumption, or are from an uncertified source, or are improperly certified.


To issue certificates of shellfish sanitation in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. [1955 c.331 §2; 1973 c.508 §11; 1995 c.25 §2]

Source: Section 622.180 — Powers of department; rules; inspections; samples; condemnation, https://www.­oregonlegislature.­gov/bills_laws/ors/ors622.­html.

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