Limited Liability Companies

ORS 63.621

A limited liability company is dissolved and its affairs shall be wound up upon the first to occur of the following:


Upon reaching the time for dissolution, if any, specified in the articles of organization.


Upon the occurrence of events specified in the articles of organization or any operating agreement.


By the vote or such other action of the members as provided in the articles of organization or any operating agreement or, if neither the articles of organization nor any operating agreement so provides, by the consent of all the members.


At such time as the limited liability company has no members.


Upon administrative dissolution by the Secretary of State under ORS 63.651 (Procedure).


Upon entry of a judgment of judicial dissolution under ORS 63.671 (Judgment of dissolution). [1993 c.173 §54; 1995 c.93 §18; 1997 c.646 §10; 2003 c.576 §327]

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Chapter 63

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