Production, Grading and Labeling Standards for Agricultural and Horticultural Products

ORS 632.935
Adoption of United States standards

  • cooperation with United States

The State Department of Agriculture may establish as the official standard for this state for any horticultural or agricultural product or container, any standard which may have been promulgated or announced therefor under the authority of the Congress of the United States, and the department is authorized to cooperate with the United States, or any department thereof, in accomplishing the matters and things provided for in ORS 632.900 (“Horticultural and agricultural products” defined) to 632.940 (Inspection and classification of horticultural and agricultural products by department) and 632.955 (Investigation of complaint of purchaser’s misrepresentation of product) to 632.980 (Improper grading and incorrect certificates prohibited). [Formerly 616.440; 1979 c.91 §5]


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