Nonprofit Corporations

ORS 65.407
Indemnification of officers, employees and agents

Unless a corporation’s articles of incorporation provide otherwise:


An officer of the corporation is entitled to mandatory indemnification under ORS 65.394 (Mandatory indemnification), and is entitled to apply for court-ordered indemnification under ORS 65.401 (Court-ordered indemnification) in each case, to the same extent as a director under ORS 65.394 (Mandatory indemnification) and 65.401 (Court-ordered indemnification).


The corporation may indemnify and advance expenses under ORS 65.387 (Definitions for ORS 65.387 to 65.414) to 65.411 (Insurance) an officer, employee or agent of the corporation who is not a director to the same extent as to a director. [1989 c.1010 §104]


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